Episode 84 – Miracles with Brian Blais


Episode 84 Miracles.

We welcome returning guest Brian Blais to talk about miracles. Andrew gives an update on the failed prayer to heal his eyesight, and towards the end of the show, she have a special appearance by David from Skeptics and Seekers.

For further discussion regarding the shoe on the roof NDE story that we raise and Gary Habermas likes to promote see the digital gnosis youtube video in link 1. It’s a very long video and they talk about a lot of cases, including this one, including the detail that one of the accounts is 4th hand and 7 years later. Something that Gary Habermas fails to mention.

1)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TdLoGpIu3Q&t=11263s

 Digitial Gnosis Bad Apologetics series: 

2) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Mar/23/a-long-discussion-about-miracles/

Brian’s blog: 

3) https://bblais.github.io

All about miracles from the blog: 

4) https://bblais.github.io/search.html?q=miracles

Why we need double-blind studies: 

5) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/May/31/why-do-we-need-double-blind-studies/

The Mozambique study discussion: 

6) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Mar/23/a-long-discussion-about-miracles/#therapeutic-effects-of-proximal-intercessory-prayer-in-rural-mozambique

Original mozambique prayer study paper on researchgate

7) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/45505841_Study_of_the_Therapeutic_Effects_of_Proximal_Intercessory_Prayer_STEPP_on_Auditory_and_Visual_Impairments_in_Rural_Mozambique

Another critique of the paper

8) https://www.patheos.com/blogs/epiphenom/2011/02/truly-dreadful-study-into-effects-of.html

Double blind accupuncture study

9) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4352029/

The macular degeneration “miracle”: 

10) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Mar/23/a-long-discussion-about-miracles/#case-report-of-instantaneous-resolution-of-juvenile-macular-degeneration-blindness-after-proximal-intercessory-prayer

The pool table “miracle”: 

11) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Mar/23/a-long-discussion-about-miracles/#jp-moreland-gets-a-pool-table

Brian’s responses to John McLatchie:

Dubious medical procedures: 

12) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2020/Jul/09/skepticism-and-dubious-medical-procedures/

On what would convince Brian: 

13) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Jan/24/ongoing-conversation-with-jonathan-mclatchie/

Bayes, prophecy, etc…:

14) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Jan/18/bad-apologetics/

Resurrection vs Proton Decay: 

15) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Jan/17/proton-decay-and-the-resurrection-of-jesus/

Some comments and math on testimony: 

16) https://bblais.github.io/posts/2022/Jun/14/sometimes-more-testimony-is-worse/

Item on NDEs, which includes the shoe on the roof that we discuss.

17) https://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1340&context=lts_fac_pubs

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