A plea for these dangerous times

A plea for these dangerous times


I hardly need to tell you that we are in the midst of a worldwide emergency; an emergency that sadly could have been contained here with relatively simple practices. I will not get into what COVID-19 is, since there is plenty of good resources about it out there. Suffice to say, right now there is no way to tell for sure how an individual will be affected by it. There are trends, but no assurances. It has infected and killed older and younger people alike. And one thing is for certain: this is no hoax or fake news. Moreover, we all know (even if some do not accept it) that what is going on right now is happening because this country waited too long to act. Now we are essentially in damage control mode. Hence, this is my admittedly “ramblish” plea to you.

It is no secret that I haven’t…

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Book Review: Still Unbelievable

Book Review: Still Unbelievable

When Belief Dies

Books have different impacts upon you depending on the season you read them.

As I read this book (July-August 2019) I am well on a journey of deconversion out of Christianity.

I am searching for community and answers, and thus I have read and listened to a whole host of resources. I want to begin to face up to my wavering faith in the Judea-Christian deity and engage in tough and honest questions.

Over time I have become a regular listener of a podcast called Unbelievable? – a Christian podcast, but one that engages very well with other worldviews and asks the sort of questions I was wanting to dive into. Through my time listening to this podcast I came across the host’s (Justin Brierley) own book: ‘Unbelievable?: Why after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian’.

(A side note – I would whole heartily recommend both…

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