Just stop engaging…

Just stop engaging…

When Belief Dies

I haven’t told many people about my gradual deconversion from Christianity to something (I am still uncertain if I can really give myself the title Atheist yet…). But I have been thinking a lot about why I am so reluctant to talk to people about my loss of faith in God.

I think it comes down to the following emotional reasons:

I am worried that they will reject me. I am worried that I will be thought less of. I am fairly sure that I would have to change my job (Christian charity worker here) and I am certain that I would lose friends as they gradually pulled back from me.

I think it also comes down to these philosophical reasons:

Morality is still too big a subject for me to ‘put to rest’ on pure chance and evolution. The historical evidence for the life, death & resurrection of Jesus…

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David Johnson: Skeptics and Seekers

David Johnson
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My guest this week is David Johnson, the co-host and creator of the Skeptics and Seekers podcast and blog. David is a former Church of Christ member and a pastor’s kid. He was baptized at 7, leading the church in song at 7, preaching at 12, the youth leader at 15 and assistant minister at 21.

Was I the real thing? Pathologically so.

His deconversion process began as he examined the Church of Christ’s doctrine against musical accompaniment in worship. He says “the little things, were the big things.” And if the little things were wrong, what else might be wrong?

You know, I think we might be wrong about that [instrumental accompaniment].
And that was hard for me.
It was hard in a way that I am not going to be able to express.
For me, if we were wrong about musical instruments…

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Those Who Went Before

Those Who Went Before

When Belief Dies

Your questions have probably been asked before.

It has taken me a while to realise that with everything I am going through, someone else will have been on a similar journey. Where we end up could, of course, be different but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take the time to stop and understand who else has been asking the very questions that I am engaging with.

Imagine that you have been dropped in a new part of the world, the landscapes are unfamiliar and you are essential lost. You can push forwards, try to understand where you are by moving forwards and reflecting back when you can later on, or you can ask those who have been in this world before you, to reflect on their experiences that went ahead of you.

Take my journey of doubt as an example. Everything I am going through feels raw and new, nothing…

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