Only a Creationist Can Go To Heaven?

I have just read Ken Ham’s post titled Do All Creationists Go to Heaven? and am left a little puzzled as to his full point.

He makes clear that in order to enter heaven you must be saved, in the Christian sense. That is pray the prayer that gives your life to God and invites Jesus into your heart. However, he goes further and seems to imply that this must also include renouncing evolution and embracing creationism. I say imply because he does not actually state that only a creationist can go to heaven, but he does leave that impression.

Is he afraid to make that final leap and actually say it?

I am reminded of when I did youth work at my local church years ago. At the time I was still a creationist and one of my fellow leaders was an evolutionist. This never got in the way of us working together and certainly never had an impact on our friendship.

One evening we did a creation / evolution comparison session. I put the case for creationism and he put the case for accepting evolution. What I think was most important about the evening was that in closing we made emphasis on the fact that in our view neither was a hindrance, nor a guarantee, to getting into heaven. We also emphasised that disagreement on these was not considered serious enough to lose friends over.

That last sentence I still consider true. I may strongly disagree with someone on the validity of creationism but that is not a barrier to friendship and I would certainly not end a friendship on that basis.

Yet, in his piece, Ken Ham is implying that you must accept creationism in order to enter heaven. In short he is saying that you can only be a real Christian if you are a creationist as well. How divisive!