Good Riddance 2013

2013 was a monumentally shit year for the family limey. Frankly, the sooner it’s relegated to little more than a distant historical memory, the better.

The crap actually started with uncertainty about my job and my employer struggled to find interesting work for me. Over the summer there was precious little for me to do and finally in November an interesting project came up but that wasn’t enough and I was made redundant the week before Christmas. Christmas was also marked by Mrs Limey having a foot in plaster following a dog related ditch incident. She’s on the mend now and has celebrated by being able to drive again over the weekend. Most of the last two months I have learned exactly how much she does around the house every day.

As I type this I am still out of work, there is a question mark over the insurance coverage for the mortgage and I am waiting to hear if I have a job interview later this week. The interview was supposed to be last week, but was postponed at the last minute. I’m trying hard not to fear that it’s going to be called off completely.

At the beginning of the year a couple of friendships exploded in deeply hurtful circumstances. The actual events were in late 2012, but the ripples and effects echoed throughout 2013.

During the summer, a good friend died suddenly from a long existing but unknown heart condition. She left a daughter the same age as my own and a son a couple of years older. It was devastating and hit Mrs Limey very hard.

These are just the things I am prepared to put down.

The result for me is that I sailed into the dark fog of depression and it affected everything, including our marriage.

Previously blogging has been a good way for me to get frustration out of my system, either by reading other people’s posts, or by writing my own. Unfortunately my mood was way too low for that to be effective for much of the year. Outside of blogging I have other writing projects I try to work on, I have ideas for a handful of novels and short stories and I try to work on them when I can. Progress is way slower than I would like and, while it has proved to be very effective at getting my mind off the bad stuff, I have found it increasingly difficult to actually sit there do something about it. Since Easter, the most effective distraction for me has been Minecraft! Effective it may be, but it’s not really the most healthy and I need to get back into more productive habits so I have reclaimed the kindle and I am now reading again and this is the start of me writing again. I need to do it for my own sanity.

Today is a major breakthrough for me because it’s the first time in a very long time I have actually voiced that I wanted to write a blog post. Hopefully this is the much needed indication that 2014 will be a major improvement and more positives will follow.

Thinking back to one of my more recent blog posts (, this would have been a very good opportunity for a caring deity who wants me back in the fold to make himself known.