Stellar Proof of an Old Universe

I know that the E in YEC stands for Earth. However, being a YEC means taking the first few verses of Genesis literally and that means believing that the universe predate the Earth by only a couple of days. To accept an old universe but a young earth is to deny the very beginning of YECism.

The mechanics behind stars is well tested and scientists now know will great confidence how stars burn and die and the processes that go on within them. In short, stars start off burning Hydrogen, which forms Helium. This process continues, with a new, slightly heavier element being formed as a result of the burning of another. Eventually the Iron is reached, at which point the process stops and the star gets an Iron core, surrounded by layers of the preceding elements. When the iron core gets to a critical point, the star dies in a spectacular explosion and it is from this explosion that further, heavier elements are created. These include precious metals like Gold and Silver as well as radioactive elements like Uranium.

How does this prove an Old Universe?

This proves an old universe at its basic level because as humans, our very existence and culture relies on there having been at least one star that has gone kaboom and in earth shattering manner. The calcium in your bones and the gold in the wedding band on my left hand exist because a star once exploded.

Because stars are so well studied and understood and we know their lifetimes are measured in the millions of years, there is simply no chance whatsoever that the universe could only be a few days older than the earth. For a YEC to literally believe in a universe that young, they must believe that either all the elements that are attributed to a star exploding were miraculously created on spec, or in the first days of creation stars were created and exploded in order to create those elements. The lifespan of those stars would have been massively compressed and the burning hugely accelerated. Neither of which can be proven.

This is the continuing problem for the YEC, unprovable ideas which fly in the face of scientific discovery. Why did the YEV God create everything in an instant, but make it look like it was all so old? Its as though he is the greatest deceiver that ever lived.

I should have paid more attention in school

I find this revelation about stars utterly fascinating and pondering on the fact that I am made of star stuff is mind blowing in its awesomeness. Yet, I also have to embarrassingly remember that I learnt about the Nuclear Fusion (or is it Fission?) within stars in science at school. How come when I sunk into YECism I never pondered this for longer? It might have saved me a whole load of trouble.

6 thoughts on “Stellar Proof of an Old Universe

  1. In my Sunday School class we talked about this. We talked about radioactive(or is it radiometric) dating and carbon dating. When asked about the rocks and fossils being dated to millions of years ago my Sunday School teacher said simply, “Well, we really don’t know, but God can do whatever He likes with His creation. Maybe He created it to look old intentionally”. With that we all went on in our discussion and glossed over it as if it wasn’t a big conundrum. 😦

  2. “Well, we really don’t know, but God can do whatever He likes with His creation. Maybe He created it to look old intentionally”

    * shudder *

    That attitude is a pet peeve of mine because it does nothing to answer anything. Even as a YEC I would not have accepted that, I wanted to have an explanation and God making it look old is a level of deception I could never have accepted.

    Far better to admit you don’t have an answer than to make up something pithy like that.

  3. It was a class of about 40 people and I think some people wanted to pursue it, but the teacher became very uncomfortable so we let it drop. There were several of us who were uncomfortable with that thought.

    • Yeah, I can see how that would be frustrating. Well at least the teacher didn’t make the mistake of trying to delve into an issue for which they are utterly ill-equiped to answer. I have done that before.

  4. Isnt the whole point of creation to be a display of God’s limitless and awesome power? Why would it be more deceptive to make the universe “look old” than to have the scriptures speak as they do in such measurable terms and with such reference points as the week and thew sabbath? Is it too hard to believe that God created all that we know and see in 6 days and continues to sustain it by the word of His power? The truth is that there is No solid proof that the universe is billions of years old, and how it “Looks” is completely biased by the observers interpretation of what he sees.

    • Hi Matt,

      The age of the universe is deduced from observations and its the testing of the results of those observations that gives us the confidence. The idea of bias towards an old universe is a false one and is made by those who don’t (or won’t) understand the science behind the observations.

      The colour shift measured in light from distance galaxies is one such way in which we are able to measure the age (and size) of the universe. Standard candle supernova are another way.

      Given how well we now know that the universe is bullions of years old, the notion that it was created in 6 days about 10,000 years ago is demonstrably false. Hence, if god really did do that, he has deceived us into making a a universe that looks old but isn’t. It also means that light that we are seeing that has a colour shift indicating ages over 10.000 years means that light was created at the point of creation, which means the observations that scientists make are of objects there were not real for the time being measured. This would mean active deception in maintaining an old looking universe.

      Why would god do that if the universe really was young?

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