Happy New Year Dear Readers

A very Happy New Year wherever you are and whomever you are. I hope your Christmas break was full of family, fun, food and frolics.

2017 has started with a man sized cold and a daughter with a chest infection, so not quite a great as I’d like it to be. Maybe I can blame that on the trumpster, or on brexit, or maybe I’m being punished by some unknowable deity for not giving it the the respect it feels it deserves.

My time sipping hot drinks on the sofa wasn’t all in vain though. 2017 is also the year in which I managed to slay the Ender Dragon, so with that achievement unlocked I now need to plan my assault on the Whither. If that does not impress you, then your life is less wasted than mine so you have permission to be smug.

I managed to get through the holiday period with only one Church service, making it about a year between attendances. Probably a record for me, I’ll do what I can to maintain that. It was a carol service of course (does that count as a real church service?). Anyway, I surprised myself by enjoying the participation and not getting the shouty voice in my head┬áberating me for joining in on stuff I’d rejected. You know, it’s absolutely possible to enjoy the sing along without engaging in the belief. Hallelujah!

Amusingly, I found that I also don’t know the words so well anymore and had to actually read the overhead instead of singing from memory. It gave me a chance to actually read the words to Away In A Manger and conclude that the lyrics to that particular ditty are bat-shit loopy!

One final┬áthing, the limey daughter was given Mike Massimino’s book Spaceman for Christmas and we’ve started reading it out loud at bedtime, as a family. Well one of the family reads it, while the rest listen intently. It’s awesomely engaging and funny.