Book Review: Still Unbelievable

Book Review: Still Unbelievable

When Belief Dies

Books have different impacts upon you depending on the season you read them.

As I read this book (July-August 2019) I am well on a journey of deconversion out of Christianity.

I am searching for community and answers, and thus I have read and listened to a whole host of resources. I want to begin to face up to my wavering faith in the Judea-Christian deity and engage in tough and honest questions.

Over time I have become a regular listener of a podcast called Unbelievable? – a Christian podcast, but one that engages very well with other worldviews and asks the sort of questions I was wanting to dive into. Through my time listening to this podcast I came across the host’s (Justin Brierley) own book: ‘Unbelievable?: Why after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian’.

(A side note – I would whole heartily recommend both…

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Signs & Wonders (Part 3)- Miracles Debated with Robert L. White (Christian) & Matthew Taylor (Atheist)

Signs & Wonders (Part 3)- Miracles Debated with Robert L. White (Christian) & Matthew Taylor (Atheist)

This week I guested on a podcast to discuss miracles and why I don’t accept that they happen.

If you do listen to it, I’d appreciate any feedback.

Real Seeker Ministries

Anchor Audio Link =–Wonders-Part-3–Miracles-Debated-with-Robert-L–White-Christian–Matthew-Taylor-Atheist-eahkrj


Well, it has certainly been a long time coming, back in November of 2019, I had a Round Table discussion on the topic of Miracles with 3 Atheists, including Matthew Taylor (from the Proscenium/Ask an Atheist Anything & Still Unbelievable podcasts); let’s just say that the convo did not go according to plan and neither Matt nor myself were satisfied with how the discussion turned out (see that Skeptics and Seekers Podcast here = ). 

As both Matt and I were not pleased with how things turned out, Matt reached out to me to do a Round 2 in the hopes of having a more substantive and productive conversation, this time around we were joined by Robert Lee White (from The Robert L. White Show podcast) and this time, I believe we have finally achieved what Matt and I set out to do…

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Unbelievable? Chapter 1

Random thoughts

This is the introduction chapter where Justin tells us the why of the book and the show. He talks about how he saw the light at age 15 how he met the woman who would later become his wife and all.

I almost feel like I should stop reading at chapter 1. He has dropped in names of big wigs among the popular atheists and theologians I am left wondering what new argument or point will I raise that has not been raised already.

Since Justin’s book is about encouraging conversation, I will attempt in my reviews and comments to avoid snarky comments. But where I can’t help it, let us hope my humour and sarcasm will take us through the book.

Get ready with your popcorn. It’s a short book anyway. So we will not be here for long.

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Unbelievable: : Why after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian

Random thoughts

by Justin Brierley
Is the book I will be reading this next week and I will review it chapter by chapter so I don’t have to make one long post at the end. It comes highly recommended maybe at the end, Jeff will become a christian and forget his Muslim ways.
If you have read it, you can weigh in below. Don’t worry about spoilers. I can watch the same movie twice the same week and it will still be as interesting as the first time I watched it.

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It’s hard being honest

It’s hard being honest

When Belief Dies

I write this with the full realisation that this journey changes everything.

Honesty scares people, they fear that they don’t know you. Doubt confuses people, as they worry about where you are going to land at the end of the journey. But I don’t know if this will ever land…

I wake at nights. Honestly.

I see the faces of the people who have walked along the same paths as me over the last 30 years of my life. Most of them are Christian – but that is because that is where I have invested my efforts and time.

I see those same people there, cheering me on in my Christian faith, full of confidence in who God has made them and me. I see the ‘calling’ I was walking towards – to teach God’s people His word.

But then their faces change. Disappointment and rejection cast shadows over their…

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How this blog will work…

How this blog will work…

When Belief Dies

This blog is meant to be read as a journey. Each Saturday at 7am a new blog post will be published and will be diving into my personal deconversion from Christianity.

The posts that are going to be published are anywhere from 9-6 months behind where I currently am at. I have been writing draft posts during this time and have a lot to share with you all. The plan is for this blog to keep going for years, there is so much to talk about, so very much.

This won’t be an easy blog to read. If you believe in Jesus and call yourself a Christian I will be touching on some very real topics that will resonate with you. If you have never believed in a God or have left a faith system, then I hope you will be interested in what I have to say and I…

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Sarah: Believing Spouse of an Atheist Deconvert

This is a conversation worth listening to.

Click to play episode on

What happens when you are married to a person based on your mutual faith and one of you deconverts?

My guest this week is Sarah who is a believer married to a former Christian and now atheist deconvert. Sarah describes herself as “born again.” She is a dedicated Christian who is very active in her church preaching and teaching. Her integrity, honesty, and heart for people come through with shining colors in this interview.

After many years of marriage that was predicated at least in part on their shared faith, her husband informed her he had deconverted and was no longer a Christian. He goes on to blogging and podcasting about his atheism while she continues to teach and preach at her church. As you might imagine, this was and is a difficult process of transition for both Sarah and her husband.

This decision…

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Matthew Taylor: Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist

I was interviewed by the Graceful Atheist last week and the episode is now available to listen. Use the link below to find the blog and episode.

It tells some of my story, of which some is told in this blog. If you enjoy the episode, please let me and the Graceful Atheist know.

If you have a story to tell, contact the bedroom l Graceful Atheist at the blog.

via Matthew Taylor: Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist

<b>Scientist Rejects Atheism</b>

Scientist Rejects Atheism

What’s the most effective way to win over thousands of fans is one fell swoop? Declare a positive relationship between science and religion, that’s how!

And in this, now world famous, quote you can go a step further and declare atheism the enemy of science. Now sit back and watch the adoring new fans throw their money at you. The next book that gets written is guaranteed to be a best seller! Who needs integrity anyway?

The rationalists are of course, sitting there, scratching their heads, wondering when it was the science didn’t support the notion of not coming to a conclusion when there isn’t enough information.

Worse than that, the whole point of religion, especially the Christian one, is to do exactly that, jump to a firm conclusion, one that makes you feel all cuddly, and then pick what looks like it supports the idea. But be very careful not to pick too many bits of science otherwise you run into the problem of replication, best to keep the mystery bit at the fore front, that’s the important part. Can’t be having make believe stand in the bare light of scrutiny after all.

Maybe science will take Templeton more seriously when a Templeton prize subject also wins a Nobel.

Bible-Science Guy

(3 Minute Read)

Do scientists have to be atheists?

Can a scientist be open to the possibility that God exists?

At least one leading scientist in the news thinks that atheism is not consistent with the scientific method.

What world-renowned physicist said this?

“Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method. Atheism is a belief in non-belief. So you categorically deny something you have no evidence against. I’ll keep an open mind because I understand that human knowledge is limited.”

This millionaire cosmologist is a native of Brazil and an ultramarathon runner.

Who is he?

This man grew up in Rio de Janeiro’s Jewish community which provided him a sense of identity and community. He said,

Science does not kill God. . . . You hear very famous scientists making pronouncements like, “Cosmology has explained the origin of the universe and the whole, and we don’t need God anymore.” That’s…

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