Episode 73 – Christian Evidence Society 2022 – Sessions 1-2


The Christian Evidence Society sessions are back for 2022. This time it’s four sessions, which we will cover in two episodes of Still Unbelievable!

Darren joins Andrew and Matthew to attend the sessions and then review them afterwards.

Christian Evidence Society

Session 1:

Alister McGrath: Should we always follow the science?

Professor Alister McGrath



Session 2:

Mary Ellen Foster: Will a robot steal my job?

Dr Mary Ellen Foster


Gary Marcus:


The Turing Test:



Physicists & Philosophers reply to the Kalam Cosmological Argument featuring Penrose, Hawking, Guth

2021 Session Videos

To contact us, email: reasonpress@gmail.com

Our Theme Music was written for us by Holly, to support her and to purchase her music use the links below:

https://hollykirsten.bandcamp.com/ — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/still-unbelievable/message


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