Episode 60 – Atheist review of the year with several guests

The latest Episode of Still Unbelievable! is up.

Still Unbelievable!



This episode features David Johnson from Skeptics and Seekers, Clint Heacock from The MindShift podcast and David Hayward the Naked Pastor. We discuss events from the past year, like lockdown and race riots as well as some lighter hearted moments.

The Naked Pastor: https://nakedpastor.com/

The Lasting Supper: https://thelastingsupper.com/

Skeptics and Seekers: https://skepticsandseekers.squarespace.com/

The Mindshift Podcast: https://mindshiftpodcast.co.uk/

David on the MindShift podcast: https://mindshiftpodcast.co.uk/2021/07/16/papering-over-the-ugly-truth-the-history-of-the-church-and-racism-with-david-johnson/

CORT 2021

Conference on Religious Trauma: https://pheedloop.com/CORT/site/home/

Jesus and The Disinherited

To contact us, email: reasonpress@gmail.com

Our Theme Music was written for us by Holly, to support her and to purchase her music use the links below:


https://hollykirsten.bandcamp.com/ — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/still-unbelievable/message


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