It’s hard being honest

It’s hard being honest

When Belief Dies

I write this with the full realisation that this journey changes everything.

Honesty scares people, they fear that they don’t know you. Doubt confuses people, as they worry about where you are going to land at the end of the journey. But I don’t know if this will ever land…

I wake at nights. Honestly.

I see the faces of the people who have walked along the same paths as me over the last 30 years of my life. Most of them are Christian – but that is because that is where I have invested my efforts and time.

I see those same people there, cheering me on in my Christian faith, full of confidence in who God has made them and me. I see the ‘calling’ I was walking towards – to teach God’s people His word.

But then their faces change. Disappointment and rejection cast shadows over their…

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