Ask An Atheist Day, April 18

Ask An Atheist Day is a thing, Apparently, and this year it falls on April 18th.

To support this, the podcast I co host, Ask An Atheist Anything, is going to do a questions episode. In this episode we’ll field a bunch of questions and give brief answers. This will be a change from most episodes where we have tended to focus on a single question.

So, what question would you like to ask an atheist?

Or, if you’re atheist, what question would you like to be asked?

Or, if you’ve seen an interesting question or set of questions elsewhere, paste in the link.



7 thoughts on “Ask An Atheist Day, April 18

    • Having pondered for a while, the question I would like to be asked is “why don’t you believe?” because then it opens up the opportunity for a discussion.

      I have reached out to a few Christians for questions, and I have had my least favourite question come back from one of them “what do you think is the best argument for god?”. I’m struggling, it’s going to keep me thinking about Christianity for longer than I’d like while I think up an answer, ho hum. Maybe that was his intention.

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