Do You Recognise This Conversation?

There is a regular form of conversation that I tend to have when conversing with Christians on line. It’s regularly tedious and they really do seem to not see the objections to their arguments. It’s almost as though religion gives the adherents the ability to consider themselves right at all times and in all circumstances. This superpower is especially strong when the other party is atheist. It’s the reverse of Kryptonite in that it makes them bolder the stronger they suspect the atheist convictions are.

The following is a fictional account that is based on true events, names and other identifying elements have been changed. I hope it entertains.

Person 1: I have a twin brother.

Person 2: Really? I’ve never seen him.

P1: You can’t, he’s invisible, and immaterial.

P2: But ….

P1: and you can’t hear him, or touch him, but if you ask nicely he might project a thought into your mind, or in mine so I can give it to you.

P2: How can you be so sure?

P1: Are you doubting me? How dare you doubt me! You can’t prove me wrong.

P2: I didn’t say that. I’m questioning how you can be so sure. Is it possible you’re mistaken?

P1: Of course not, I know my brother, we have conversations together and he helps fix things for me, like when he showed me where to look to find my car keys.

P2: That can be explained other ways. I don’t see how that means you have a brother that fits that description.

P1: That’s the argument from silence, that’s a fallacy. You have failed to prove me wrong and your claim that I have no brother is simply an assertion that is incorrect.

P2: I didn’t claim that. I’m trying to understand your claim to have a twin brother I’ve never seen, to see how realistic it is and why you think you have this brother. It’s possible there are other explanations. Let’s test some options to see which is most likely. I’d like to have something to go on before I commit to anything.

P1: You can’t test my brother, he’s immeasurable. You haven’t proven he doesn’t exist. You need to do that first, but you can’t because you are not able to test him. Your claims are all false and I declare you wrong therefore my brother is real.

P2: How can I know if he’s real or if one of the other options is a better explanation if you won’t let me test your claim?

P1: You can’t prove me wrong, you just said it yourself, see! That means my explanation is automatically correct and you can’t claim my brother doesn’t exist because you’ve not proven he  doesn’t. Your only option is to believe, like me.

P2: I’ll take a rain check on the belief option until I get some evidence. Do you have any?

P1: Didn’t you listen to what I just said? That’s all the evidence  you need! He exists and I just told you he does. There’s your evidence.

P2: That’s not evidence.

P1: Now you’re denying what’s right in front of your face! First you claim I have no brother, and now this. Is there no end to the insults you’ll throw at me? Your argument is all fallacy and you’ve still failed to prove me wrong. That means I’m right about my brother.

P2: That’s not what I said and I would like a better demonstration before I believe you.


P2: So you said, but I’ve never seen him.

P1: You can’t, he’s invisible, and immaterial.

2 thoughts on “Do You Recognise This Conversation?

  1. Now that I can agree with. There is equal level of dumb stuff coming from all quarters of humanity, which is exactly why Christianity is only a human invention with none of the transformative powers that it claims to have.

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