Did Adam Swat Mosquitoes in Eden?

So if the mosquito didn’t get slapped about before the fall, does that mean Adam, and other animals, willingly gave up their blood to feed them?

Or maybe the lamb willingly gave up a bit of leg for the lion, did it grow a new one afterwards?

Does no death before the fall include no vegetation death? Oh the poor hungry herbivores. Or maybe the fall was so rapid that no animal or plant had the chance to die, such was Adam’s keenness to sin.

Oh the literalist conundrum …

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Did bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, scorpions, flies, ticks, and ants sting and bite Adam in the Garden of Eden?
Did dogs and snakes bite him in Eden?
Did Adam smash wasps and hornets in that Garden?
Did he squash ants in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world through his disobedience?
Did he swat mosquitoes in Eden?

Such questions are often asked rhetorically about Adam with the assumed and expected answer, “Of course he did.”

But you won’t get that answer from me!

These questions are usually posed in order to claim that of course there was death before sin. The aim is to set up the evolutionist argument that the earth’s biosphere developed over long ages of time.

Adam would not have killed insects in the Garden of Eden before sin, because death, including animal death, is a consequence of sin, not…

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3 thoughts on “Did Adam Swat Mosquitoes in Eden?

  1. Well, of course Adam and Eve didn’t swat mosquitoes.

    But that’s because “Adam and Eve” is a story, and we can allow magic in stories.

    I do sometimes wonder whether literalists recognize the absurdity of what they claim. But I suppose they must at least have some inkling that it looks absurd to those who are not literalists.

  2. You know, I’m not sure that they do. Looking back, I don’t recall acknowledging to myself that it might look absurd. That would mean having to critically question it. When I did eventually do that, look what happened!

    I think the literalist takes the view that those who don’t accept it just aren’t looking at it properly because if they did, they’d see it makes sense. (it doesn’t, but they can’t see that).

  3. Every good YEC knows that before the fall there were no meat eaters or blood suckers. All of Yahweh’s creation ate heartily from the Tree of Life, no other nourishment necessary. Jeez…

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