What a Difference a Year Makes

Happy New Year dear readers.

Oh boy has this place been neglected! Hopefully this will be the year that changes. I wonder if I have any followers left 🙂 I do still read your blogs, even if comments and posts more rare than unicorn poop.

For those that are still here and have my contact details, feel free to nag me and berate me if I goes more than a month without a new post.

The interface between religion and science still interested me greatly. Rather than blogging about it, I’ve tended to participate in regular discussions in facebook groups about it. For a while I commented a lot on Ken Ham’s facebook page, before I got blocked. Amusingly it was because of comments on a post where ol’ Hambo had suggested that atheists are not interested in dialog. Oh the beautiful irony. I was never rude or insulting to anyone on the page so I guess it was a case of only sycophants welcome. Ho hum!

Argumentative facebook Christians are an interesting bunch. They tend not to the liberal Christians, which means you end up being exposed to a very polarised subsection of the religious population.

That’s not all my life is about though. I still consume podcasts on a daily basis, mostly to do with science or writing.

Yes, writing, I’ve been spending about one day a month with a bunch of like minded people working away on some fiction projects. It’s liberating and invigorating and something I should have put a lot more effort into years ago. I’ve also resurrected my old love of thespianism and am involved in a local amateur dramatics group. Also wonderfully liberating. I have found that both activities force me to put my mind to specific subjects and has helped enormously in recovering from the fuck up that was 2013 (https://confessionsofayec.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/good-riddance-2013/).

Recovering from depression is hard. It is surprisingly easy to slip back onto the mental whirlpool of ugly blackness that brings it back. For me, I have to force myself to focus on other stuff, hence the writing and the acting, both are utterly absorbing and is the only way I can fully expunge the otherwise always present sack horror. Writing about it both helps and hinders. The consequences of the depression did give rise to some story ideas. Only one of which I’ve written. The others, are so dark that, while I like the story, I need to be more confident in my own mental health so that I can avoid the associated triggers. It’s a delicate tightrope walk over an abyss that must never be allowed to define me.

And on that pleasant note, here’s to 2016, a year of reading more, acting more, writing more and blogging more.

PS. I do mean it about the nags. Nag me please. I may need it.