Unapologetics : a Facebook group for honest discussion

This isĀ a brief post to let readers know that over the holiday period a new Facebook group appeared where believers and non alike are having robustĀ discussion on matters of faith.

The blurb says:

Unapologetics is an open market place for ideas. We want to be able to discuss religion, apologetics, theism, doubts, the Bible, whatever, in a friendly but open manner without anybody having to feel like a troll. Every worldview is equally welcome. So let’s keep it respectful, but be prepared to have your position dissected. En Garde!

The group is a closed group so you will need to request to join. The reason is so that posts to the group do not get plastered over your Facebook feed for your sensitive friends to read.

If this is something that interests you the link should be below.


Oh and Happy New Year!