I Have Feedback

Following on from my last post (https://confessionsofayec.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/examining-creationism-my-essay-for-a-course/) where I shared an essay I wrote for a course I am taking.

The feedback I got for the essay was all good, no one objected to the subject or my conclusions. Essays are scored 1 to 6 by each reviewer and you are assigned the average. I scored a 6! Can’t get better than that!

Score of 6: This project will meet all criteria and goals for Project 3 and be very clear and well written. It need not be perfect but it will be well reasoned, show a deep understanding of the case study, evaluates and discusses relevant research, and shows a compelling and wide-ranging discussion of how the case study reflects, contrasts, or modifies our thinking about expertise. It goes beyond what is required. The project uses the case study to raise new questions about expertise. The introduction and conclusion are strong. Evidence is integrated effectively, and the title is strong. Citations are mostly correct.


Reviewers can also leave comments, the comments I received were:

What overall comments do you have for the writer as he or she moves on to Project 4?
peer 1 → Very well written, congratulations
peer 2 → This project will meet all criteria and goals for Project 3 and be very clear and well written
peer 3 → I go the impression that both the evolutionist and the creationist are experts at odds about the origins of mankind in this op ed, is that the case?
peer 4 → Mathews’ paper was very interesting, well written and documented. I am a catholic who has worked as a volunteer with Jesuits. Some Jesuits through out history became scientists and even when their findings contradicted the catholic church’s “truths” that didn’t stop them from presenting the results of their research. I find this paper very interesting and all I can tell Mathew for project 4 is to keep up his good work and I hope your paper is as well written and interesting as this one.
What did you learn about your own writing based on reading and evaluating this writer’s project?
peer 1 → My arguments if and when well present rated, need not be wholly convincing.
peer 2 → coherent and well-organized paragraph
peer 3 → that there are differences between op ed and essay
peer 4 → We all put a bit of ourselves in our work and through our work we don’t just share knowledge, we also share a few traits of our personalities. When I review the work of fellow students I fell that even though I feel I’ve improved thanks to this course I still have a lot to learn.