Segmentation and Evolution (Watch this if you want to understand how evolution works.)

I’m re blogging this video because I found it clear and interesting. Its 13 minutes long and worth watching. For anyone who has studied evolution, it is unlikely to present anything new, what it does do is explain the basics of body segments in a simply and easy to understand way.

While watching it I kept asking myself the question “Does this prove evolution over creationism?” No, this video doesn’t do that, but it does show that evolution is plausible and should be seriously considered.

The obvious creationist rebuttal is that it doesn’t show that god didn’t use DNA and genes to create all animal life and their ability to adapt within a species. While that is true, I would further ask the question, why would god use a system that so clearly can be used to create multiple species from a single framework and have elements that are interchangeable between radically different species?

This is why I accept evolution as true.


This is amazing in its sublime simplicity.

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