Its all gone to Shit

** warning, this post contains expletives **

I’ve blogged recently about some of the issues facing our current church. First there was ( and then there was (

Well, now there has been a breakaway group that has left the church and started holding Sunday afternoon meetings in another location; without the blessing of the parent church. Worse than that, the protagonists write secretly to people that they would hope to get support from and invited them to attend.

Quite frankly, I am incensed and thoroughly pissed off over it. It has caused hurt and upset in my household and also for my friend, the pastor.

One of the defecting couples is consists of a very immature wife and very easily led husband, the husband being the subject of the later part of this post ( It doesn’t help that the ring leader of this group is the staunch creationist responsible for this (


Righteous Anger

You know when you’re so angry that you can’t think about anything else and you really want to say something hurtful to the source of that anger? Well that was me most of last Sunday.

My chance came when the wife mentioned above put a Facebook comment about how good God was. My wife practically begged me not to do anything, saying she didn’t want or need me fighting her battles. For me it’s more than just that, there is an horrible injustice going on here and bitter people with an agenda are actively causing pain through selfish motives. It’s wrong and why can’t I call out bullshit when I see it?

So I fought my urges to unleash both barrels and simply asked if she was aware that people were hurting and where did she see god’s goodness in that? Quickly she came back with an apology for causing offense, said she was aware and was sad and simply wanted to point out that god was good.


She’s fucking sad!!!!

Does the stupid thing and her cohorts know that’s it’s the direct result of their actions that have created this? Being sad doesn’t cut it. God didn’t create this situation and God isn’t fixing it. People did this, bitter, selfish, insipid people. People who profess faith and the love of god did this. Being sad is not fucking good enough.

So I fought back what I wanted to say and twenty minutes later came back to find her comment deleted. I hope she felt suitably chastised, though I suspect not guilty enough to do anything positive.

I’m still angry, but I feel a little better. I will also be more cautious about posting on this subject from now on as its an on-going situation. Update may have to wait until its over and the dust has settled.

3 thoughts on “Its all gone to Shit

  1. When I saw your title line in my RSS reader, I could already guess what it was about.

    It seems that it is the small unimportant things that divide people.

    The churches emphasize sex drive as original sin, but I think it is the ego that should be the real target.

  2. I find it very sad that your ongoing story is such a reflection of what goes on behind the scenes in many ‘Christian’ churches. On the other side of the coin it is perhaps a reflection of why some 3 million people are leaving the churches of Europe and North America every year.

    As someone who is aware of an enormous difference between the Christian RELIGION and the Christian FAITH I sense that a major change is taking place much of which I believe is summed up in this article – Religion may not survive the Internet –

    My blog is no longer entitled ‘The Room of Grace’

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