Missing a Good Sing Song

I never thought I’d say it; but I caught myself singing along enthusiastically to the worships songs a few weeks ago. Up until then I had always sung the songs half-heartedly, being very conscious of what they say and that I simply don’t subscribe to those beliefs anymore.

It happened because I relaxed. The congregation were singing along, as per normal, and I was half mouthing, half singing, as quietly as I could get away with. Then suddenly along came a song I knew well and off I went. I don’t recall how far I got before realising what I was doing, but when I did I found myself mentally chastising myself for being weak. I was almost embarrassed.

What surprised me most was how I reacted to this little slip. It was almost as though I had done something wrong. Oh what a reversal of attitude!

Regarding Worship

As a Christian, worship was always important and, despite my less than perfect singing voice, I did enjoy singing songs and entering into a spirit of worship while doing so. In my mind, the act of singing in Church and the experience of worship are entwined. One shall not and cannot separate them.

So with this mind-set, it is hardly surprising that I don’t want to blindly worship and entity I don’t believe in. That would be silly.

Thinking about it afterwards though, it also seems silly getting worked up over what is really just a joyful sing song. Should I care what the songs are about? How is it different to appreciating music on the radio, which will on occasion contain lyrics that I disapprove of as well? It can only be because of the association I have with singing in Church and worship.

That was four weeks ago and I’ve not been back since. The not being back is unrelated to the event in question; it has just happened that way, a combination of it being convenient for me to stay at home because of stuff to do, mainly because I have to work.

We’ll see how I progress on this one, I have more or less told myself that its okay to join in the singing even if I struggle with the lyrics. I fully expect the mental link there to struggle. However, I’m really not going to give myself a heart attack by joining in, so why get so bothered by it?

5 thoughts on “Missing a Good Sing Song

  1. Nothing wrong with a good tune….I find myself singing some of the more tuneful hymns and worship songs of my past. Not because I believe them, but because they are catchy tunes and well written songs.

    No different then when I enjoy a song like “With A Little Help from My Friends” by the Beatles. As a non-drug user, they getting high part is not something I can even relate to, but the song is stinking catchy and fun to sing.

    • Intellectually, I completely agree with you.

      Mentally, it’s not quite connected. The old pleasure I used to get from worship songs is gone, and its left little desire to engage with them again, no matter how small the level.

      I’m sure it’ll pass and I’ll get over it. 🙂

  2. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with enjoying the fine aspects of christianity. I still love the fellowship, still like christian poetry, and christian music.

    In fact even after I came out to my wife, I was wearing a Cross-necklace. And I am thinking about buying another one.

    For me the problem has always been the question of God and does he exist. Just because it’s all based on a fairy tale, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy certain aspects of the fairy tale.

  3. I agree that there is no problem singing along.

    As the comment by M. Rodriguez reminded me, we have no trouble singing Christmas Carols that we know are about fictions. So go ahead and enjoy the singing.

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