Things that make you spit your coffee!

I just had to share this, as it really is one of those things that is funny at first and them, well a bit creepy. Its a good job I didn’t have a mug of coffee in my hand when I saw this so I suggest you put your down right now before you continue.

Today’s WordPress stats show a hit to this blog with the search phrase “free fornication with my stepmother for free”.

After recovering from the shock of what I could have written to get that hit my mind then wandered to the question of why would anyone put THAT in a search box!

I hope its just a search spider dropping such phrases into searches and hoping that the hits will prompt curiosity and when a human sees the phrase they’ll search it back and get the website that is trying to generate its own traffic.

If I just ruined your coffee, then I apologise, but I hope it made you laugh as well.

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