Communion Forced Another Conversation

Before reading this post, it would a good idea for read the preceding one ( to get the context.

Having admitted my doubts, the very next Sunday happened to be a communion. When I noticed, which was right at the start of the service as its very hard to miss the table all set up like that, my heart truly fell. I wanted to walk out.

I wasn’t ready to face this; I’d not even considered it, not even for a second. After goodness knows how long faking it by taking communion, I now found myself facing my denial square in the face and I had nowhere to run.

As the service progressed I got more and more distracted by the issue. I really wanted to leave and miss the communion part of the service altogether, which would mean missing the rest of the service. I didn’t want to just walk out in the preceding song, if I was to do so I might worry my wife. I could briefly tell her, but that might be just as bad.

“Sorry I can’t take communion”, then leave?

Well, it sounds easy but I couldn’t do that either, it didn’t feel fair to leave her on her own in the row.

So I stayed and I let the plate and glasses pass.

A week later we spoke about it

I kept waiting for my wife to ask me about it. She obviously didn’t want to push me on the issue so I eventually broached the subject myself.

I explained that I felt really uncomfortable being there during communion and that letting the plate and glasses pass me by wasn’t good enough. I was still deeply uncomfortable being there during communion. I couldn’t explain exactly why, I still can’t.

Unequally yoked

We talked a little more about other issues and I raised a concern I had about my current state of faith meant that we were effectively unevenly yoked and I didn’t want that to become a problem or a burden in our marriage. My wife, in her typically wise way, pointed out that over the years we’ve very rarely been evenly yoked. Our Christian walk has very rarely been in step, so why should this situation change anything?

She’s right, of course. She didn’t see it as being an issue so I shouldn’t either, so long as we continue to be honest with each other.

Then there was the next month’s communion

Then the next month came by and another communion service.

My wife gave me a get out and suggested that I could stay at home that day. It wasn’t free though, I had a list of things to prepare for lunch. I gladly took the deal.

This can’t be a long term solution though. I don’t know what the long term solution will be, we still need to work that out. In the meantime this month’s communion is looming, this Sunday I think. I guess we need another discussion.

Whatever happens, I know the worries I had about my marriage being affected by my state of belief are pretty much exposed as being over nothing. That’s a major relief.

3 thoughts on “Communion Forced Another Conversation

  1. Wow. Your wife is rare and she obviously loves you just the way you are. The entire handling of this is commendable on both sides. You have been concerned for her and it shows, but she has shown you a great deal of respect and admiration as well. Bravo! This is how it’s done.

    About that communion: ugh! I know exactly what you are talking about. I don’t know why, because if I don’t believe it to hold any power it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I sat through a communion and let the plate and glasses pass only to realize I shouldn’t be there in the first place. I haven’t been back when they are having communion since.

    • Thanks DMA,

      I am very confident and about the future now, but I am still not sure about making the final admission step. I guess we’ll just have to see how things go.

      I have no idea how the communion issue will work out. I guess we’ll just have to see. I don;t like the idea of walking out halfway through a service, I think that gives the wrong impression and is a bit obvious.

      Letting the plate pass is also a tad conspicuous, though I know my wife will be okay about it. I just don’t want to be making that statement through my actions.

      Equally, non attendance will eventually get noticed. So, I have to decide which action is least bothersome.

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