This video was shown in the Church service yesterday

Yesterday’s Sermon used the following video as an introduction and link to the sermon.

Its a clever video and makes its point in a slick and impressive way. I am sure if I still called myself a Christian I would have enjoyed it. Several of the congregation around me seemed to enjoy it, judging by their positive murmurings and head nodding when it ended.


All the way through the first half, my mind was screaming out “this is not how I think, this is not how atheists think, this is a straw man built on what misguided Christians think the godless live”.

So I switched off. I can’t remember what the sermon was about now.

So today I find myself faced with the first disappointment of the paster of our new church.

8 thoughts on “This video was shown in the Church service yesterday

  1. That video to me is utter nonsense!

    It was about 12 years ago that I sensed a FREEDOM AND LIBERATION FROM THE SLAVERY OF LEGALISM.

    I’m convinced that God exists; that there is a plan and purpose being worked out here below (as Winston Churchill once said); that the theology as taught by men is a travesty of the meaning of life!

    Maybe I really should consider whether to describe myself as an ex-Christian!

  2. “People can do as they please without eternal consequences.”

    EXCUSE ME? This statement promotes the false, tired assumption that atheism leads to amorality, and that people can’t have any kind of ethical system without God. My atheist and agnostic friends and I take morality very seriously, thank you very much.

  3. One more observation — if believers embrace straw many arguments about atheists and agnostics, it spares them from having to examine what nonbelievers actually think. Believing in these stereotypes is a defense mechanism, methinks.

    • Hmmm good point. Anecdotal evidence from several Christian blogs I have read would certainly back that up.

      Sadly I actually think this is a more common belief than I would like to admit.

  4. You owe it to the world to dissect and debate each of the points made in this video. I feel there is something crucial here that strikes at the heart of everyone struggling with whether or not they still want to be a Christian. There is something great waiting to be unlocked from poems like these.

  5. 1 what is freedom . . . 2 what joy is there in being/not being a believer . .. 3 what about purpose . . . 4 who is in control of my life.

  6. Hi Mike,

    Some very generalistic questions you have there, each of which could have a whole blog post as a reply. I shall be brief in my answers, which likely means the answer will be unsatisfactory, but I’ll have a go anyway.

    1) you’re asking for a definition of freedom. Since it can take many forms, I shall stick to the subject in hand, religion and its effect on our lives. Freedom is the ability to make our own choices.

    2) Joy is found wherever you look for it. I get a huge amount of joy from my daughter, the experience of seeing her grow up, express her love of me (and her mother) and her pleasure in the smallest of things, brings me much joy on a regular basis. Being a believer (or not) has zero effect on that. As a Christian, there was joy in the concept of worship and heaven, without my faith, I don’t actually miss that joy so its not actually a loss to me.

    3) Purpose in a Christian context is very narrow. Its an implied purpose and it is part of the package you accept when you become a believer. Without my faith I still have a purpose, its just no longer defined by my faith. Its a myth that purpose only comes from religion.

    4) I and those I interact with have control over my life. The same as with you.

    5) yes.

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