Poor, Poor, Joseph, What You Gonna Do?

Having already accepted that the Creation and Flood stories in Genesis were not true, (https://confessionsofayec.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/noah%E2%80%99s-ark-gilgamesh-or-just-a-story/) and (https://confessionsofayec.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/the-problem-of-adam-and-eve/).

The next major event in Genesis is the very well known story of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers and ending up being the 2nd in command inEgypt.

First, Fast Forward to the Ending

Outside of the Bible, there is very little evidence for the Joseph story and the one of the best ways to test it is to examine the story of Moses and the Exodus fromEgyptbecause the two stories are effectively two parts of a longer narrative. The Moses story cannot possibly be true if the Joseph story is not true. While the Joseph story does not rely on the Moses story being true, it has little or no relevance without the Moses story.

The biggest obstacle in the validity of both stories is the simple fact that there is no Egyptian evidence whatsoever for the Israelites having been resident there. Without any correlating evidence, the Biblical narrative is nothing more than hearsay. The Egyptians, well known for recording lots of their history in their hieroglyphic writing, have either not seen fit to record the arrival, enslavery and departure of the Israelites, or the events simply didn’t happen as describe din the Bible.

Believing something just because its in the Bible, even though nothing else supports its story, is not wise.

The Red Sea or theSeaofReeds

This is very fascinating. The story the Exodus fromEgyptsays that the Israelites escaped through theRed sea, walking across dry land because the sea was parted, thanks to a miracle.

However, there is much confusion and discussion over what the source term actually refers to, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossing_the_Red_Sea). Does it mean what we know now as theRed Sea? Does it really meanSea ofReeds orReedSea and if so, what body of water is that referring to?

Its not just the crossing and associated miracle that is the problem but also the places that are mentioned in the route to and from the crossing point. Not all of these locations are identified with modern locations and so cross referencing these with archaeological evidence is pretty much not possible and so not only is there no evidence for the Israelite residence in Egypt, but there is also no evidence for their flight out as documented in Exodus.

Without Moses, there is no point in Joseph

If there is no evidence for the Israelites having resided in or exitedEgypt, then it is not at all unreasonable to conclude that they were never there. It is for the Bible to prove that these stories are true and that proof is lacking.

With no Exodus and no Moses who was brought up as the grandson of a Pharaoh, then the story of Joseph is rendered irrelevant and equally suspect. More likely he never existed, my guess is its more likely that, like Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood, his story is based on a pre existing fable.


6 thoughts on “Poor, Poor, Joseph, What You Gonna Do?

    • Indeed.

      Its almost embaressing to admit that I did once take it all as literal truth. Yet, when its all examined in detail, there is so much that becomes unreliable as an historical account.

      • Well, I have studied the Genesis Flood, Genesis 1 & 2 are my preferred subjects of study. And I have studied about Joseph and the Exodus.

        Yes, there are “many” “doubters.”

        But, there is ZERO conclusive proof that any of that is falsified. And I do mean none. In fact, some non-Christian scholars are beginning to believe the events must be based upon something very close to the events listed in Genesis.

        This also was part of my struggle as I came back to faith. I knew some of the arguments about the Bible were illogical before I left the faith. But, those arguments have a life of their own. And they seem to grow more absurd over time.

        Just like the “Science” experiment in the 1950’s that “created life.” The Miller/Urey experiment (*) had been the rage in the 1960’s. By the time I was in college it was not talked about, because it was discredited.

        Now it is “back in vogue.” But, “Two percent of the carbon had formed some of the amino acids which are used to make proteins”. It was considered a fairly decent failure. Other scientists could not reproduce it or support it.

        Now, all that history is swept under the rug and the NA’s bring that experiment back out as a golden boy.

        What I find ironic is that the opposite of what pulled you away from faith is part of what brought me back to faith.

        And I would like to investigate that …. maybe it is just my Scientific curiosity. maybe I am crazy.

        But, I have always been curious. Like I wrote on a different blog, I was always the kid who asked why. Partly because I was bored …. partly because I wanted to know. By, second grade I was reading 6th grade level books to keep from being bored.

        And this is not a “let me try to pull you back to the faith.” I firmly believe that is out of your hands and my hands.

        May we co-blog on this?

        (*) http://www.chem.duke.edu/~jds/cruise_chem/Exobiology/miller.html

        • Hi Wayne,

          There is a lot in your reply, so I’ll stick to the subject in hand, that of the Israelites in Egypt.

          You claim that there is zero proof that it is falsified. I don’t know enough to comment directly on the subject of its falsification.

          However, I would say that there is also no proof that the events are true either. There is no archaeological evidence for the Joseph story, for the slavery period in Egypt or the Exodus. The stories may indeed be based on ‘something’, but fact as depicted in the bible does not appear to be it.

        • And this is not a “let me try to pull you back to the faith.” I firmly believe that is out of your hands and my hands.

          May we co-blog on this?

          Sorry Wayne, I missed this bit in my earlier reply.

          I understand and thank you for not trying, I think at this moment in time trying to encourage a re-conversion would not be very productive.

          I’ve not entirely sure what you mean by co-blog, but by all means, go ahead. I am all for mutually respectful dialogue.

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