Noah’s Ark, Gilgamesh, or Just a Story?

Noah's sacrifice

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I had never previously doubted the account of Noah’s Ark.Yet, once I started to have doubts about the young age of the earth (, I found that I was now critically analysing key events in the Bible. Specifically, key events that rely on and require a young Earth. Such as the Genesis account of Noah, the ark and a global flood.

Basic Problems with the Global Flood Account

The most obvious issue with the account of the global flood is the volume of water required. There simply is not enough water in our atmosphere to produce enough rain to fill the earth up with water to the height of a mountain. The Genesis account also mentions waters of the deep, which some have interpreted to mean great reservoirs of water below the earths surface opened as a result of earthquakes and water flowed up from them. The problem with this is that it would require huge reserves of water to cover the entire earth, reserves which simply have not been found. Something truly miraculous would be required to cause a global flood.

Then of course there is the issue of the animals. All those animals need feeding and, more importantly, watering. The carnivores would present a specific problem, plus there would have to be very strong and very significant means of separating them apart.

Post flood, there is the very real problem of how to explain that the species of animal are unique to specific parts of the world, the indigenous animals of Australia are the most obvious example.

So the believability of the global flood is found wanting, yet I managed to unquestioningly believe it for many years.

So what of Gilgamesh?

The Epic of Gilgamesh ( is a fascinating story, it probably best you follow the link or do your own searches on it rather than me repeat it all here.

The tale predates Noah’s Flood and it is suspected in some circles that the story of Noah’s Flood is a direct retelling of the Gilgamesh story, wrapped up for a different audience and several cultural additions. This is how myths, legends and stories evolve over time anyway.

Gradual Realisation

One of the key moments in me realising that the Flood account was not a real event was a documentary about the Flood, which expanded on some of the evidence I have indicated above. That same documentary drew parallels with the Gilgamesh account and I found myself compelled to question what I had previously accepted as true.

So, now I was not only questioning a young Earth, I was now questioning the validity of the Bible, or at least the validity of a literal interpretation of some Biblical passages.

Genetic evidence

Recent DNA analysis has shown that Adam and Eve could not have existed ( I would go further and suggest that this evidence also puts into doubt the possibility of Noah and his extended family being at one point in time the only human inhabitants on the planet.


13 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark, Gilgamesh, or Just a Story?

  1. There was no “Flood”
    No Adam and Eve.
    No Tower of babel.
    No Exodus.
    Jesus was not a god…if he actually existed.
    There is no God.

    There I said it 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. I am pretty sure you’re right, in fact I agree with you on all your points.

      Personally though, I prefer commentators to expand and explain. Your statements might be accurate, but do they engage in or encourage discourse?

      • Hi limey, thanks for the reply.

        Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be snarky…just stating what I feel to be truths.

        To encourage discussion I will state that I believe any of the above points can be defended as true…and the Bible to be wrong.

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  4. Hi Limey,

    Here is a link that will take you to a rather long essay that covers almost all the points that disprove a world-wide flood. Written by a scientists, but a very easy read for us mortals.

    I hope you are well and comfortable in your new thinking. 🙂

    • Hi, that’s a decent resource showing the folly of creationist claims.

      and yes, I am very well and comfortable in my new thinking, thanks 🙂

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  6. Wow, just wow. You aren’t even familiarb with the story of the global flood.

    1- No mountains before the flood- those were created during that flood year- see Walt Brown’s website

    2- The water came from below the ground- subterranean

    But anyway you refuse to accept something that apparently you haven’t researched.

    • Okay, I’ll be honest, this will be the first time I have directly heard the ‘no mountains before the flood’ suggestion.

      Its intriguing and certainly goes against books that I read on the subject during my YEC years.

      I think throwing this in and claiming that the mountains were formed during the flood creates issues. It certainly dictates a new interpretation of the Genesis verses that say that the flood waters rose higher than the mountains, which seem to imply pre-existence.

  7. Hi Joe G,

    You write:
    “1- No mountains before the flood- those were created during that flood year- see Walt Brown’s website”

    Scientists know when the mountains were formed and you can find plenty of information of this on the internet…just look for actual science spots not religious ones. To think that mountains were formed 4300 years ago by a flood is just ludicrous. You obviously have absolutely no scientific schooling or understanding.

    You write:
    “2- The water came from below the ground- subterranean

    Would you be so kind to tell us where these tremendous underground water- filled chambers are located so that we can map and utilize it. Again, scientists know what is under the earth…all the way to the core. Your information is silly.

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