Acceptance of evolution in the world

Acceptance of evolution in the world.

I have just stumbled across the above blog post, which has a graph showing several countries in the world and the ratios of the population that accepts or denies evolution.

The graph mainly lists European countries, though the United States is there, and depressingly low down.

What I would like to see as a comparison is the acceptance in Asian, African and South American countries too. I guess for the moment that information is not available and I also imagine that a fair few of those countries will be extend the bottom of the graph to show lower and lower acceptance of evolution.

What I’d also like to see is how those numbers have changed in the last decade or two. Have the numbers gone more or less in favour of Evolution? I’d also like to see that same comparison in the next few decades to see how the numbers change.



4 thoughts on “Acceptance of evolution in the world

  1. Do you ever have those moments where you realize you are being very religious and then you step back and realize your thinking was extremely biased for a moment. I just had one such moment.

  2. Sorry limey, this is off topic/blog here, but I can’t leave a comment at mikewithalotof0’sanda1’s blog.


    I’m not a scientist, so a lot of the scientific data put forth for evolution/creation goes over my head. What exactly about the article you posted on your blog today defeats macro-evolution?

    • No worry DMa,

      I take it you mean this post

      The short answer is nothing.

      A long answer would likely require a new blog post and few days effort into creating it and researching some of the claims. Having browsed it just now I’d say that there is nothing new in any of the claims. They are all claims that creationists have put forward over the years and have been roundly shown to be false many time. Die hard creationists constantly re-use these claims.

      In essence, the document seems to boil down to a single issue. That of variation of species is not the same as speciation. This misses the point, variation will eventually lead to speciation if the two populations are left isolated from each other.

      The document then goes further to protest that isolated species created in this manner have not have anything added to their genes and they are simply offshoots of the parent species and that this speciation can not and does not explain how features like feathers, wings, fins, etc… form. Again, this is a misunderstanding of the process of evolution and claiming that it requires additions to the genes and can not happen over time through species isolation is false.

      The document author either does not understand evolution or willfully misrepresents it.

      A web search for any of the claims made in the document will easily find scientists who demonstrate how and why these claims are wrong.

      • After I left my comment I did a bit of googling. I came across several refutations of the material presented. After I scanned over the document I didn’t see anything “new” that the author was presenting, so thought maybe I’d missed something.

        I looked at the author’s credentials as well. He studied arts and philosophy. This didn’t look much different to me than Answers in Genesis with an old earth slant.

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