The Most Insensitive Blog Posting Yet?

Today I stumbled across this blog posting:

The writer claims to be able to channel the thoughts, desires and wishes of dead people. So today, conveniently, the late princess Diana pops up with a special message for her eldest son.

How utterly insensitive. In fact its worse than that, its devious in its blatant untruthfulness. To be so brazen as to claim to have received a message from beyond the grave like that, on a day when William would probably very much like to have her around, is despicable in its deceitfulness.

Amusingly, a quick google search reveals that there are several deluded individuals that claim to have channelled Diana’s spirit. I wonder how much consistency there is between the various messages. That ought to reveal the truth that dead people don’t have spirits, let along the ability to communicate to the living or tell the future.

Grrr, nonsense makes me angry sometimes.


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